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Body Worn Camera


This 3D 360° Surround View System provides increased driver situational awareness by combining images from multi camera inputs to create a 3D augmented reality view. With previous systems, which combined images into a 2D scene, only birds-eye views were available, making it difficult to recognize vehicles and pedestrians.

This Next-Gen 360° Surround View System creates a real-time 3D scene allowing the driver to view images at any position from any angle therefore making vehicle and pedestrian recognition substantially easier.

4 Cameras - 1 3D Image - 0 Blind Spot!


3D View of Vehicle Surroundings

Say NO to 2D low resolution video. Dual core ARM CPU and Xilinx FPGA high efficiency acceleration engine to produce 360 degree 3D HD seamless real-time video. 3D: a revolutionary system to see everything around your vehicle.

4 High resolution 720P Cameras

This system uses four high resolutions 180 viewing angle cameras which are in high-definition with auto-aperture function that adjusts the image brightness automatically. Kocchi's uses the latest imager technology in its cameras, ensuring a good image quality even in poor lighting conditions or in highly contrasted lighting – when entering or exiting an underground car park, for example.

Cutting Edge 3D Modeling Algorithm

The 3D SVM system helps provide higher levels of awareness and confidence while operating commercial, industrial and special purpose vehicles. This system is improved & quite different from others(2D plane modeling, low resolution), which supports WDR full HD(720P) true 3D seamless video merging of surroundings.

Cycle Recording

The "Real-Time Cycle Recording System" records the 4-channel 720P images while a vehicle is in operation using microSD(maximum 64GB) or external USB memory. When the recording time reaches the memory capacity, the system continues to record by erasing the oldest recorded information.

Modeling Algorithm Comparison

Real-time 3D Modeling

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