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Body Worn Camera

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Digital Wireless Forklift Camera System | Pin-prick Size | NO Interference | Quick Installation 

Forklift Cam ™ 723H2561-MP5V Digital Wireless Forklift Camera System is excellent forklift parts to give the operator a variety of different views around the lift truck. And also helps fleet owner to catch any forklift accident.

The system is extremely easy to install and operate and can be used in the front, back or anywhere around the lift truck where visibility is limited. The optional Magnetic Mount battery pack can be installed quickly. This Wireless Camera System includes HD 7” LCD Display, Rechargeable Battery Pack, and Wireless Pin-hole Camera.

Tips: System expandable up to 2 cameras connected.

Designed to improve product handling 

Broken and improperly positioned pallets can be spotted before they cause problems. The camera is located in a comfortable eye-level position in the operator compartment. Therefore, operator ergonomics are improved, since the operator does not have to look high at the racking to see the pallets.

The pinhole lens and the associated pin-prick sized opening in the casing reduced the risk of wire mesh crates or pallets damaging the lens.

Viewing Angle

Equipped with a 45° viewing angle, the system provides a precise view from the fork. Use your forklift safely and with confidence.

Commercial Grade

We designed this camera with top grade, heavy duty stainless steel material to make sure it's fit for any environment and all applications including commercial and industrial use. Mount this camera on your tractor or forklift with confidence - it can take a beating.

10G  Vibration and shock resistant, the camera will hold up to almost any abuse. Bump it and knock it and still find it running perfectly.

The camera is Nitrogen-pressurizedPressurization is an important step in assuring protection of the camera. Extreme environments, such as rain, snow, salty air, strong winds, high humidity, and dust are hard on camera hardware, and increase the likelihood of affecting inner mechanisms.

  • Wireless 7" Digital Screen TFT LCD Monitor with Removable Sun Visor
  • Exceptionally clear picture
  • Extremely resistant to impact
  • Digital wireless - No interferences
  • 600TVL Pin-hole camera
  • USA Techwell Automotive Digital Video Processor
  • Stainless Steel camera IP67 Waterproof and 10G Vibration
  • DC10~32V wide voltage 
  • Viewing angle: 45°
  • Mirror/Normal image configurable 
  • Easy installation and operation
Battery Pack - B0137A
This battery pack supports our Digital wireless backup camera system. With built-in 2600mA rechargeable battery & now supported by big Magnet base to allow users to easily mount the box to anywhere they thought is convenient. This package system with battery makes it truly a real “Wireless” solution.

How the Forklift Cam 723H2561-MP5V system works.