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966M2362 Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kits
For Fleets

Digital Wireless Backup Camera System for RV | Cut Costs | NO Interference | Quick Installation 

966M2362 Digital Wireless Dual Backup Camera System comes with a digital wireless connection and a split screen monitor to view two cameras at the same time. With this new Digital wireless technology, guarantee NO Interference for up to 1000ft, great for RV! This will keep a perfect image from the backup camera always displayed on your monitor. 

The monitor is a 9" LCD color monitor, comes with distance grid lines and has the ability to view one camera full screen or two with a split screen. The wireless backup camera boasts a 120° viewing angle, a Sharp CCD High Definition lens and 18 IR LEDs night vision lights which enable you to see in total darkness. With an IP69 rating, a 10G vibration rating, this camera is fit for all applications and can withstand all weather elements.

Tips: System expandable up to 4 cameras connected.

Powerful Wireless Communication

Built with high power Digital wireless technology, this wireless system with wireless transmitter built-in can penetrate through obstacles providing up to 492 feet range which is two times more range than other wireless camera system on the market. This means that our system can be installed and used on long vehicles, trucks, vans and fifth wheels, easy to install without running cables.

Heavy Duty, IP69K Waterproof   

Although many backup camera systems are available on the market, note that most of them are designed for general use under specific conditions. Kocchi’s technology definitely distinguishes us from other products designed for automobiles or recreational vehicles. 

Right now all our cameras are ruggedly built and are IP69K certified, they are protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.


Vacuum sealed & Nitrogen-pressurized

The camera is back-filled with dry Nitrogen (N2) after air is evacuated to prevent condensation of water within the optics that could reduce visibility or damage the electronic and optical parts within the camera enclosure. This  is the key feature of our cameras that enables them to typically last 10-20 years in outdoor environments.  

Commercial Grade

We designed this camera with top grade, heavy duty materials to make sure it's fit for any environment and all applications including commercial and industrial use. Mount this camera on your tractor or crane with confidence - it can take a beating.

10G  Vibration and shock resistant, the camera will hold up to almost any abuse. Bump it and knock it and still find it running perfectly.

Dual Power Option

System comes with two powering options - a cigarette lighter plug or a hard wire option. Either wire it to the vehicle's fuse box or plug it right into the 12V outlet.

Let us know your needs before ordering the system.

  • Wireless 9" Digital Screen TFT LCD Monitor with Removable Sun Visor
  • Set each camera Trigger Priority
  • Digital wireless - No interferences
  • Support up to four 600TVL cameras inputs & Quad view
  • USA Techwell Automotive Digital Video Processor
  • Dual Aluminum Shell camera IP69K Waterproof and 10G Vibration
  • DC8~32V wide voltage 
  • Viewing angle: 120°
  • Mirror/Normal image configurable 
  • For Trucks、Buses、Farm Tractor、Heavy Equipments、Fork-lifts 、RVs、Security Escorts 
Battery Pack - B0137A

This battery pack supports our Digital wireless camera system. With built-in 2600mA rechargeable battery & now supported by big Magnet base to allow users to easily mount the box to anywhere they thought is convenient. This package system with battery makes it truly a real “Wireless” solution.

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