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Benefits of Cameras on Cranes for the Operator

While the crane operator has a bird’s-eye perspective of the job site, there are blind areas in his line of sight that may be extremely dangerous for him and anyone working around him.

The crane operator can view the whole job site from high above, but he cannot see many of the locations from which he must lift. He is frequently required to conduct blind lifts. These blind lifts are neither safe nor accurate.

Crane cameras give the operator the ability to see where his eyes cannot. No longer is the crane operator lifting blind, the blind spots are eliminated through the use of video cameras.

Auto / Manual Focus Crane Camera

Maximum Visibility & flexibility!

This crane camera is powerful with an integrated zoom lens which is designed for usage on cranes to have a camera permanently pointed vertically downwards.

The camera provides not only comfort, efficiency, and security, but also a high degree of visibility.

It adapts to all types of crane and usage conditions. It ensures the lifting hook and load can be seen at all times.

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Model: K679-Z1

Auto / Manual Focus Crane Camera


The camera is a tough 30x optical zoom camera with an inbuilt strong mount bracket. This load view camera may be used in serial vision systems on telescopic cranes, top cranes, RT-cranes, crawler cranes, and other harbor cranes, etc.

The camera is shock and vibration-proof, completely IP68 waterproof. It generates the finest image possible in all weather situations.

    • 1080p full HD camera

    • 1/3 Inch SONY CMOS

    • 6-layer glass lens for best image performance

    • Threaded collar connectors screw-lock to form a solid connection

    • Wide viewing angle at 95 degree

    • Sturdy 30x optical zoom

    • Shock and vibration-proof, 100% waterproof

PET Expandable Sleeve / Power Video Cable

Power video cable for camera monitor systems to connect monitors and cameras, 4-pin female to 4 pin airline aviation male extension cable, 10 meters(15M/20M/30M), φ5

    • Internal power supply ground lines are 24 # single wire, the audio cable is 26 # Single wire

    • Internal video cable should be a single braid shield wire or RG-179-75 braid coaxial wire.

    • Colors of all cables should be subject to the drawing paper.

    • Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +80 ℃

    • Inner resistance of cable: positive/negative wire≤ 2 Ohm, audio≤3Ohm, video≤ 3 Ohm

Alternative models available:

Cab5 – 5-meter cable
Cab8 – 18-metre cable
Cab10 – 15-meter cable
Cab12 – 20-metre cable
Cab15 – 25-metre cable
Cab30 – 30-metre cable


Compatible Monitors

Model: M755

7″ AHD Vehicle Monitor

Model: M900

9″ AHD Vehicle Monitor

Model: M1001

10″ AHD Vehicle Monitor


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