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SP5 8CH Mobile DVR(ADAS + DSM)

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Studies show that over 90% of road traffic collisions are caused by human error, and a 2-second early warning can prevent 99% of accidents.  
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) aim to drastically reduce road accidents and the associated casualties by helping drivers avoid collisions altogether. 

MDVR SP5 is integrated with ADAS ECU and DSM as "One Box" solution, which makes it a friendly driver assist system notifies the driver during the journey with unique alerts using sound, vibration and pictographs. The AI-powered algorithm works continuously in real time to prevent accidents and safeguard your fleet assets.

A recent study carried out by AXA insurance group UK found that just 1.5 seconds of warning can prevent 90% of collisions.

It is proven that a 2-second warning can significantly reduce the probability of forward-collisions almost entirely; allowing for more confidence on the road and the avoidance of serious incidents. 

The driver assist system delivers the vital 2-second early warning of the following:

  • Forward Collision 
  • Lane Change
  • Safe Distance 
  • Pedestrians
Lane Departure Warning System

ADAS detects an unsignaled lane change or lane veering and sends an alert via Display Panel to get back in lane.

Front Collision Warning

Our system warns you when the vehicle ahead is too close. It scans the road ahead and displays current braking distance in seconds.

Dangerous Driving Behavior Pre-warning System(DSM)

SP5 MDVR is built with AI Facial Detection System which is intuitive and compact, this internal camera system helps drivers to stay alert and focused on driving. It achieves this by detecting distractions and signs of tiredness, bringing the driver’s attention back to the road with visual and audible alerts in real time. The system continuously scans the driver for signs of fatigue, mobile phone use, smoking and prolonged signs of distraction.

SP5 is a modular and scalable hardware-and software-based platform for building advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and DSM. The Cloud platform is designed to accommodate a wide range of automated driving requirements, from ADAS and scaling upwards to support full autonomy.

What if there was a way to gain a complete look into each collision and driver behaviors within minutes? With SP5 package system, full collision reconstruction and driver behaviors is now available at the push of a button. Video and images are now packaged into one comprehensive and detailed searchable report that can be delivered to fleet owners who can now get full control of the whole fleet.