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What We Do

What We Do

Kocchi's was founded with one goal in mind: To help our customers & business partners to design and make the finest products to grow their business & market. Our team is passionate about our purpose & products we design and produce. From the R&D engineers who design the product from the very beginning, from workers who assemble them and to the support team who help people use them. That's what we do everyday here since 2007.

Our Mission
Kocchi's is built on the fundamental belief, that technologies should be warm and created for the needs and requirements of the individual user. Our goal is to bring innovative new technology while elevating current standards. Kocchi's products are always tailored to the needs of consumers first. "We focus in designing our products to delivery safer and easier daily living".

The Company
At Kocchi's our employees' vision, energy, ideas and talents have created a company built on the interests and needs of today's families and lifestyles. We are constantly developing safety products, improving on current technology, and looking for innovative and new designs. Thru our progressive approach our line of products has expanded from personal security devices, to also include mobile safety products and entertainment accessories, surveillance, wireless monitoring systems and more. "We believe in the endless potential of technology for improving our lives".

Our Philosophy
In keeping with our company mission of innovation, quality, safety and good value, we will offer products and services that consumers can trust and rely upon for performance The company's flagship product is Mobile DVR surveillance equipment, a technologically advanced system for commercial vehicles monitoring applications.