IP69K Waterproof

With an IP69K waterproof rating on cameras, Kocchi’s Rear Vision Systems deliver reliable performance, no matter what the weather conditions, and can be used in harsh environments with high pressure / steam cleaning.

Nitrogen-pressurized rearview cameras

Vacuum Sealed & Nitrogen-pressurized

The Premium series of backup cameras & side view cameras are back-filled with dry Nitrogen (N2) after air is evacuated to prevent condensation of water within the optics that could reduce visibility or damage the electronic and optical parts within the camera enclosure. This is the key feature of our cameras that enables them to typically last 10-20 years in outdoor environments.

Lockable Connector

Reliable Components

Kocchi’s Power & Video Connectors can extend the life of products through a Lockable Threaded Design, an External Protective Boot, and an IP-69K Waterproof Rating, we build durable, secure connectors components to support our cameras.

90% of our products are shipped worldwide by air

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Analog Cameras Product Listing

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Your Manufacturing Partner

To guarantee reliability and quality, our products are extensively tested. In addition to ISO 9001, Kocchi’s has implemented IATF 16949: 2016: the quality certificate for the automotive industry. Partner with us today to create new products or alter an existing product for your business.