Project Description

Android System

Based on Android OS, and it has more extended functions after our secondary in-depth development, making the entire system easier to operate

Raid Data Backup

Raid is implanted in the Android OS for the first time, which guarantees the security and repairability of bodyworn camera data

2K HD Touch Screen

10.1 inch touch screen, resolution 1920*1200, support multi-touch and touch via glove

Personalized Operation Interface

Compared with the traditional windows system, the Android OS operation interface is much simpler and more friendly

Automatic Data Collection

8-channel data synchronous high-speed automatic collection, and one priority collection port can be set

Diversified Upgrade Methods

Support local upgrade and remote upgrade, easier to use and maintain

Dock station for body cam

Model: P2

Smart 8-Port Bodyworn Camera Docking Station


P2 Smart Docking Station is used to charge body cameras X5 and save data straight to HDD or remote server. One station can accommodate up to 8 cameras.

The 10-inch touchscreen LCD monitor is used to verify the bodyworn camera connection and to see upload status. When you dock your body camera, the built-in extractor will detect your camera and begin the download sequence.



What is the Kocchi’s P2 Touch Dock Station?

The Kocchi’s P2 Touch Dock provides for the intuitive uploading of data from our cameras to PC HDD or remote server, recharging of camera batteries, and acts as a mechanism to ensure cameras receive and operate the most updated firmware.

The latest Android OS and 10” HD touch screen, make it much easier to operate and manage data than other docking stations available.


DMT-P2 dock station

Easy to Use

The new desktop docking station P2 supports to manage 8 cameras, with built-in Android OS and 10” HD touch screen, which makes it much easier to operate and manage data without need to install software and further maintenance.

Once installed, users simply place their cameras in the P2 Dock – there is no additional requirement to log in or further interface with the P2 Dock.

Dock and Go

Simply dock your camera and P2 will do the rest. The forward-facing 10″ HD screen displays the booked out and uploading status of the camera so you can always see when it’s good to go.

  • The P2 Dock leverages strong, validated cryptography provided by Kocchi’s to securely transfer all camera data to your PC or remote server.

  • The P2 Dock is a hardened appliance that is developed and maintained by Kocchi’s engineering team.

dock station for body camera

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P2 docking station

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