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Built-in 4G LTE connectivity makes connecting to the Cloud hassle-free.

Built-in one front facing Full HD 1080p camera. And you can connect up to three cameras to provide fluid videos of both sides and back of your car at a wide view angle.

Sony WDR imaging sensors—a benchmark in video clarity under low light—equip both front and rear cameras, so whether you are driving or parked, crucial details are captured perfectly.


Speed: Speed statistics will be on the video (can be turned off in the settings).

You may choose to display speed in Kilometers per Hour (Km/h) or Miles per Hour (MPH) (Mph).

Location: Use the App or PC software’s Map function to see where your car is.

Connect your dashcam to the internet through Wi-Fi or the cloud

You may connect to your dashcam system over Wi-Fi using a smartphone or tablet.

LTE allows you to access your dashcam system through the cloud from anywhere, at any time.

  • HD 130° wide-angle lens on the front-facing WDR camera

  • The optional 3 additional cameras can be connected

  • Dual record mode (continuous + event)

  • Built-in microphone for audio recording

  • Built-in speaker for audible driver alerting and communication

  • Connects directly to vehicle ignition power; automated operation

  • Tamper-proof design

  • Up to two SD Card slots

  • GPS data records and transmits continuously to provide location data, vehicle speed and accurate time/date

  • Adjustable resolution and frame rate

  • Built-in G-shock and gyro sensors

  • Alarm I/O for triggering events and recording (i.e., door open, lights on, horn, etc.)

  • Wide voltage input: 8-36V DC

Download Specs Sheet(PDF)

File Size: 1.04MB

Protect Your Drivers Against Accident Claims!


Our cameras have reduced disputed claims from 40% to 2% for fleet owners

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See our Dash Cams for commercial fleets in Action

Our gps dashcam platform gives you complete visibility of your operations with driver / road-facing footage and a fully-equipped dash cam with GPS tracking interface.

With just the click of a button you can pull up media of your drivers and vehicles, see their location and even stream their trips in real-time.


Dual SD Card Slots


Up to 4 channels


Full HD 1080p



The tamper-proof lockable design is a secure attachment that prohibits physical access to the microSD card slot and the SIM card slot, which greatly decreasing the danger of data tampering.

4G dashcam panic button


The Panic Button is built into the dashcam which allows drivers to notify fleet management in the case of an emergency or potentially dangerous scenario. When pressed, the button quickly sends an alert to management with video footage that has been collected.

Notifications of Emergencies

When the Panic Button is pressed, the administrator receives automated notifications with the exact GPS coordinates of the car through the software dashboard, allowing them to take rapid action to assist the driver.

Improved Alerts

Never miss a driver communication opportunity with the Panic Button. Alerts generated by the Panic Button may be set to show a red banner in the dashboard, calling attention to an urgent occurrence immediately.


The pictures of the front-facing 1080P WDR camera are significantly crisper and clearer than normal camera images, regardless of whether the vehicle is entering/exiting tunnels or experiencing the shifting of strong/weak light conversion.

dashcam diagram


This is an advanced commercial grade four-channel Dashcam system that uses superfast 4G/LTE to transfer data 10 times quicker than 3G devices. Commercial vehicle owners can respond swiftly when problems emerge thanks to rapid notice of safety-critical events and real-time location and behavior tracking.

For a crystal-clear video on all channels, the T1 dash cam system supports up to three additional HD cameras connected. Increase driver visibility and safety by simply installing an in-cab monitor to display all cameras images.


Both the App and PC Viewer software are available for free download and use.

They make it simple to alter your T1 Dashcam setup settings and navigate through your recorded videos.

Connect to your T1 Dashcam over Wi-Fi/4G to access files and examine real-time Live View for easy setup and placement of your dashcam with the App too. Check the Cloud page for more information.

Super Mini. Flexible Installation

Tiny in size, this Dash camera can be mounted to windshield of the vehicle via 3M VHB Heavy Duty Adhesive.

Connect it to our 7″ AHD high def monitor for best results.

Don’t settle for half of the story, see both sides clearly with the dual-facing Dashcam.

When a road event happens, the T1 dual-facing Dash fleet camera captures the whole scene. It gives you the resources you need to keep your drivers sharp. Begin by safeguarding your most valuable asset: your employees. The Kocchi’s T1 Fleet Dashcam provides peace of mind by providing a virtual eye witness at the site of any accident or traffic incident. The footage from the dashcam is instantly uploaded to the cloud for quick access.

Front-facing road view dashcam

With an undeniable eyewitness, you can protect your drivers. The dash camera’s wide field of view Lens catches the whole road in full HD (1080p), providing a clear record of any event.

We hope your drivers never have an accident, but if they do, T1 Dashcam is there to help.

In-cab driver view dashcam

We understand: you’re a business, not a babysitter. T1 only uploads what you need to know in real time to the cloud and records the rest to an SD card(with temper lock).

Increase driver safety and efficiency while maintaining morale.


We create more than just award-winning technology and DVR solutions. We cultivate partnerships. That might be the most significant Kocchi’s distinction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our fleet dash cams include a comprehensive set of GPS tracking data for vehicle and fleets management.

No. While the battery drain is small, our dash cameras may be programmed to switch off when the vehicle’s engine is turned off.

If you configure the dash cam to watch the vehicle after hours, it may detect low car battery voltage and promptly turn off the electricity.

1. Accident Exoneration — Using video evidence, you may avoid multi-million dollar nuclear verdicts by showing an accident was not your responsibility.

2. Increase Driver Safety — Prevent accidents by identifying distracted driving habits (texting, smoking, eating, sleepy driving) and sending in-cab notifications to your drivers so their eyes return to the road front of them.

3. Lower Fleet Costs – Traditional GPS monitoring data may help your fleet save money on gasoline, maintenance, and insurance rates.

Yes, you might have to purchase your own SIM card and decide on your preferred data plan.

As soon as the car starts, our dash cameras begin continually collecting driver and roadside footage. All vidieos are immediately uploaded to the cloud, where you may access it in seconds.

Along with accident video proof and distracted driving detection footage, our dash cameras not only save fleets thousands of dollars in false claims and nuclear verdicts, but we also proactively prevent accidents from occurring in the first place!

Yes, our fleet dash cam system has live streaming capabilities, allowing you to monitor your drivers’ journeys in real time.

All live streaming footage may be saved into the SD card and uploaded to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device, or it can be emailed to you.

Many insurance companies will give you a 10% discount if you have a GPS monitoring system and a clean driving record.

Because our dash cams include a full suite of GPS position records, your fleet may be eligible for a premium reduction.

Yes, you may download all of your front-facing / driver-facing videos and pictures to your PC or mobile devices. You may immediately download videos from our web-based application or have them sent to you or anybody else.

All of your driver and event videos are safely kept on our cloud servers and is accessible for download for up to 90 days (3 months).

You can also setup your own server with the server software package we provide with our dashcam system.

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