Business Challenge

The number of personal, public transit, and last-mile delivery vehicles is increasing in tandem with the growth of urban populations. These cars coexist with pedestrians and bicycles, who are the most vulnerable road users, on increasingly congested streets.

Aside from roadway congestion, incidents are also caused by the blind areas of huge buses and heavy vehicles. Drivers must be able to maneuver fast and correctly while remaining aware of any adjacent movement.

On industrial storage facilities, workers on foot may potentially be at risk from forklifts. Forklift drivers may have more blind spots than regions of good vision when a full load totally blocks their view.

Solutions Developed

In order to create a pedestrian collision prediction solution, we analyzed data on pedestrian positions, predicted locations, and road coordinates. The following components make up the smart Pedestrian Detection Camera solutions we created:

  • Detecting pedestrians

  • Prediction of Pedestrian Trajectory

  • Segmentation of roads

  • The module that predicts pedestrian collisions

Available Solutions

We design and produce two solutions that have full built in artificial intelligence deep learning technology to detect the presence of pedestrians and cyclists. They’re mirror monitor type with built-in AI and AI cameras with built-in AI engine.

Mirror Monitor Built-in AI Algorithm

720p resolution, 12.3″ IPS mirror display


Camera Built-in AI Algorithm

720p resolution, IP69K waterproof