Hi! We’re Kocchi’s who brings innovation and value to every product in our revolutionary line of vehicle safety systems. Digital wireless backup camera system and other products allow owners to upgrade their vehicle to include convenience and safety features that may only have been available in higher trim levels, newer models, or luxury brands.

We strictly comply and bring the highest worldwide vehicle safety standards in the entire industry. Our products go through TS16949 quality system and proceed with exhaustive field tests in real-world environments to ensure highest quality. We’re proud to win major market shares by providing the highest quality products and services to our partners worldwide. Earning trust from our partners has led us to become the fastest-growing rearview camera system supplier on the market. That’s what we do every day here since 2007.

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Our Office

Our Corporate Mission

To enthusiastically and aggressively approach any opportunity to utilize our brain trusts, facilities, strategies, alliances and capital for the advancement of our employees and stakeholders. There will be no limitations as we strive to create, innovate, manufacture and deliver high quality, good value products not only to satisfy but also astonish our customers. By following our vision and attaining high levels of honesty and integrity, we will experience the joy of competition and winning.

Quality Control

We take product quality as our core business philosophy, to establish a consumer-oriented quality management and inspection system, get consumers involved at each stage of product development, product production, product testing and product use. With a commitment to quality over quantity, Kocchi’s continues to be the leading manufacturer of vehicle safety systems. For over 10+ years Kocchi’s has continued to design, engineer and produce the most innovative products in our industry. We continue to keep the custom integrator and end-user in mind when developing time-saving and factory-finished products. From the simplest of parts like connectors and splitters to the most advanced car vision and DVR solutions, we have our customers covered.

Reflection of Standards

Kocchi’s has been introduced of advanced production facilities and reliability test equipment. Compliance with ISO/TS16949:2009、EMC、FCC、ROHS、E-mark IP69K、MA、Observance of SAE J2012、JASO D 001-94、ISO9141、14230. Our rear view monitor and camera have Design Patent、Model Patent, and also get the ISO/TS16949:2009、IP69K、EMC、FCC、ROHS、E-mark、MA.

As one of the leading technology manufacturers in China, Kocchi’s specializes in researching and manufacturing car security solution products. We have our own manufacturing factory and researching team as our strong ability support, so we have enough ability to provide more personalized services for our clients, such as customized service, warranty service, or investigation on the spot.

Our factory has kinds of different departments to manage, manufacture and test car camera products. Researching department focuses on studying new car camera products or analyze the new products’ performance. The manufacturing department mainly manufactures our car security solution product, then the test department will distinguish these products as two types: bad product and good product, the first test step is to put all of the products on the old bracket, so they can find the good products among of them by aging test until 24 hours later or more time. Of course, the good products which have passed the aging test will accept other more serious tests until they are regarded as quality products, then the bad products which do not have passed all the test will be brought back to manufacture again.

ip69k test

IP69K Waterproof Test

Each product before mass production, we will carry out as many as 60 tests on it, involving all aspects of construction, materials, electronic magnetic, optical, and other products related to reliability and safety, striving to resolve the risks in the factory. In addition to meeting all the domestic industry standards and national standards, we have added additional 30 more tests. Industry standards and national standards can only meet the basic requirements, but we seek to provide customers with higher than they expect the product, leading quality products of the industry. So even if the additional test increases our cost, we never hestitate to do that. We have been adhering to a philosophy that is to provide consumers with high-quality and safer products.

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Camera and Monitor Quality
Industrial Grade Electronic Components(DSP); High and Low-Temperature Resistance (-40℃ to +85℃); Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Shell; High Flame Retardancy (Flame Rating Can be up to VW-1); Die-cast Aluminum Camera Shell; Good Heat Dissipation; All electronic parts and assembling, structures of the Product Procedure Pre-verification through 3D simulation to minimize in the Parts Assembly error and to improve the Anti-Vibration level and quality level.

camera design

LED Work Light Camera Quality
High-intensity LEDs and Hybrid Wide-Angle Optics Lens or Reflector offer ECE R65/SSAE Class1 Light Output; Die-cast Aluminum Shell + Alloy PCB and Low Power Consumption Circuit Design ensuring good heat dissipation and electrical performance stability; Electronic glue potting and pressure relief valve ensuring IP69K waterproof reliability; High precision polishing PC lampshade ensuring highly light transmission and impact resistant.

work-light camera

manufacturing-4In-car rear view car cameras are used in the car, showing their abilities in the car on the driving way, so we must ensure our car camera products work normally under kinds of serious environment such as shaking, high-low temperature, vibration, swing.

As an in-car rear view camera supplier and manufacturer in China, we manufacture our product in our factory with serious quality tests. All of our staffs do their manufacturing work hardly,  we encourage staffs to produce high-quality products and give them a bonus as praise for manufacturing most reliable products.

Your safety is our business, we will try our best to manufacture quality car cameras to make sure your safety driving.

Finished Products Test

product testIn terms of finished products, our factory has a series of test methods to check up whether they are qualified products or unqualified products according to the international standard of in-car rearview car system products.

As you can see in the pictures, there are kinds of test facilities in our factory to do aging test, vibration tests, swing tests, tension tests, low-high temperature test, and manual test. we do the tests for every car camera products because we hope our clients satisfy our products all the time.

Package Processes

We always package our products according to the standard carton package. We provide installation instruction and installing bracket for product. We also paste QC label for every product package.

Of course, according to the actual needs of products applied installation, if our clients have their requirements about packages, we also provide custom-made service in package, design, structure, function and so on.



Kocchi’s has the experience, capability, and R&D resources to design and build products for your business. We’re an extremely versatile China manufacturer with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable product solutions. We work with individuals and companies at all stages of design and manufacture, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring industry-level products and services to you.

Although engineering discipline expertise such as electrical, mechanical, or software is important, it is not sufficient. Depending on your product’s complexity, the development process may require specialized instrumentation, software, simulation tools, or test and measurement equipment; Our engineering team has the necessary experiences to help you avoid quality issues, inflated costs, and unanticipated schedule delays during the introduction to the manufacturing process.


Because the BOM (“Bill-of-Material”) cost is usually a significant portion of the total cost to your product, our capability is to effectively reduce these costs for you. Since we purchase significant quantities of components and material from our suppliers daily, we have the flexibility to aggregate orders from all of their customers to obtain volume discounts and preferred pricing.

Furthermore, Kocchi’s has access to substantial financial credit facilities that enable them to purchase bulk quantities of parts and materials at the best possible terms.


By leveraging the most advanced technology available and applying a constant stream of customer feedback, Kocchi’s has been awarded multiple patents for sophisticated innovations, and our specialized team of engineers and technicians resolve most product issues during the initial phone call or email conversation. All customer service is conducted by Kocchi’s and not outsourced to a third party. Once customer provides us with concept information and detailed specifications, we will notify them of the total cost for design, prototyping, and estimated cost per unit before the project begins. Kocchi’s will work with customers until they are satisfied and all original design requirements are met, and the product performs exactly to customers’ expectations. From Computer-on-Modules and SBCs to embedded integrated systems and application-ready platforms, Kocchi’s DESIGN/BUILD services cover the full project life cycle.


A key reason to select an electronic design & manufacturing firm is that you have access to a seasoned design team that has worked together for many years.

The stability of our design team is critical to the efficient development of your product. Most team members have been working together for more than 7 years. And we’re continuing to welcome new engineers each year to the team for fresh ideas and expertises.

our team

Your Manufacturing Partner

To guarantee reliability and quality, our products are extensively tested. In addition to ISO 9001, Kocchi’s has implemented IATF 16949: 2016: the quality certificate for the automotive industry. Partner with us today to create new products or alter an existing product for your business.