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Model: 727N0112-T1

7″ Trailer Backup Camera System | Two Cameras with Trailer Tow Quick Connect Kit


Model 727N0112-T1 are two camera backup camera system that is perfect for the fifth wheel, travel trailer or semi-trailer application where you want a backup camera on the back of the trailer and one reverse camera on the truck. The system is complete with a crystal clear 7″ LED Digital Panel COLOR monitor display with mirror image capability and distance grid lines, 2 channels with automatic system switch, two (2) 120° CCD cameras with 50 foot infra-red night vision and all the wires, connectors and mounts you will need. The quick connect/disconnect runs from the camera to the monitor with several cables length for your choice or customized based on your needs.

A Kocchi’s trailer backup camera system can also be upgraded easily with additional cameras that display side views. We create all of our vision safety equipment to provide invaluable driver assistance.

* 2CH/4CH QUAD View Available


727N – Monitor

  • Multi-functional 7’ inch LCD TFT monitor with built-in control box

    for up to 4 cameras

  • Built-in speakers with volume control

  • Resolution: 2400(H) X 480(V) dot

  • Screen splitting: 2, 3, 4 images

  • Mirror/normal switch

4103 – Rear View Camera

  • Sturdy rear view color-camera

  • Wide viewing angle (diagonal 120°)

  • Protection class IP69K

  • Minimum illumination (0 lux)

Trailer Connection Cable

trailer backup camera connection cableTrailer Connection Cable for use with our wired camera and monitor systems. It provides a waterproof connector between a vehicle and trailer or caravan. It comes complete with a 20m, 5m, and a coiled cable. These are probably the best solution to the problem of running wires from a towed trailer to the main vehicle. Cables are heavy duty and aimed at the HGV market.

Heavy Duty, IP69K Waterproof

Although many backup camera systems are available on the market, note that most of them are designed for general use under specific conditions. Kocchi’s technology definitely distinguishes us from other products designed for automobiles or recreational vehicles. Right now all our cameras are ruggedly built and are IP69K certified, they are protected against close-range high pressure, high-temperature spray downs.


Vacuum Sealed & Nitrogen-pressurized

The camera is back-filled with dry Nitrogen (N2) after air is evacuated to prevent condensation of water within the optics that could reduce visibility or damage the electronic and optical parts within the camera enclosure. This is the key feature of our cameras that enables them to typically last 10-20 years in outdoor environments.

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Specification Sheet

Trailer Connection Cable DEMO

Trailer Connection Cable Establish a Secure Backup Camera System Connection Between Your Towing Vehicle and Trailer

•Trailer Connection Cable With 7-Contact Plug & Socket for Trailer Backup Camera Power DC12V Input、Video Output To Monitor
•One 15 feet (fully extended) heavy duty coiled cable with weather resistant 7-contact plug and socket
•One vehicle 3 ft cable to Monitor with heavy duty waterproof 4-Pin connectors
•One vehicle 3 ft cable to Rear View Camera with heavy duty waterproof 4-Pin connectors
•Optional: Extended cables of 16 feet, 32 feet, or 49 feet can be selected for either Monitor side or Rear View Camera side

trailer connection cables


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