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Model: KC-8098

Motorized Auto Shutter Rear View Camera


The KC-8098 Auto shutter backup works well in areas requiring extra protection. The auto shutter camera remains closed when not in use to keep the lens free from debris. Built to withstand off-road conditions this camera is IP69K waterproof.

The wide 120 degree camera lens has been designed to give a good field of view to make reversing or operating very easy and safe. This extra heavy-duty camera also supports automatic heating feature when below -5°C(option).


  • Motorized protection shutter sun visor, closes when not in use

  • Night vision distance of 8-15m

  • Very rugged, waterproof IP69K

  • Threaded collar connectors screw-lock for a solid connection

  • Wide viewing angle at 120 degree

Specification Sheet

PET Expandable Sleeve / Power Video Cable

Power video cable for camera monitor systems to connect monitors and cameras, 4-pin female to 4 pin airline aviation male extension cable, 10 meters(15M/20M/30M), φ5

  • Internal power supply ground lines are 24 # single wire, the audio cable is 26 # Single wire

  • Internal video cable should be a single braid shield wire or RG-179-75 braid coaxial wire.

  • Colors of all cables should be subject to the drawing paper.

  • Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +80 ℃

  • Inner resistance of cable: positive/negative wire≤ 2 Ohm, audio≤3Ohm, video≤ 3 Ohm

Alternative models available:

Cab5 – 5-meter cable
Cab8 – 18-metre cable
Cab10 – 15-meter cable
Cab12 – 20-metre cable
Cab15 – 25-metre cable
Cab30 – 30-metre cable


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