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Model: 723H20222

Wireless Backup Camera System with Backup & Side View Camera


723H2362 system features a digital wireless connection and a high resolution 7″ monitor to view 2-4 wireless cameras at the same time.

The 2.4GHz proprietary wireless connection digitally locks the cameras to the monitor (up to 492ft) which provides a lag-free and interference-free viewing even at high speeds, good fit for RV/Box Truck/Trailer/Tractor/Semi-Trailer.

Monitor feature icon

How You’ll Benefit

Waterproof IP69K camera, no foggy image

High resolution 7 inch screen, see clearly

Easy and quick installation, cut your costs

Strong and constant signal, it works!

Dedicated side camera for lane changes

Brand the kits with your LOGO or custom

A Sophisticated Wireless Backup Camera System that Works

Powered by Kocchi’s® high power Digital Wireless Linking Technology, this system keeps signal constant, with no interference for best performance on vehicles under 60-70ft long.

This system allows up to four cameras paired to a 7″ wireless monitor at a resolution of 800 x 480. Two different mount options for the monitor – U shape and Fan shape, to accommodate a wide range of applications.

truck wireless backup camera system

Wireless Linking Technology® | Stable Connection | Strong Anti-interference

Better wireless signal reception and less signal drops out.

Built with Kocchi’s® high power FHSS Digital Wireless Linking Technology, which allows it to penetrate through obstacles, providing up to 492 feet range. This means that our system can be installed and used on long vehicles, trucks, vans and fifth wheels, easy to install without running cables.

auto pairing

Fast & Automatic Pairing Process

Created to be a Plug-and-Play wireless system. Simply install the cameras and monitor, turn them on, enjoy the real time video feed on your monitor.

The AUTO pairing technology ensures that there is no interference and no driver/operator input, the cameras and monitor automatically pair and connect to each other, without any “button pressing” operations.

Nitrogen-pressurized Rear View Camera

Interior condensation, or any sort of moisture on the inside of the camera lens can lead to camera malfunction.

Our wireless rear view camera is back-filled with dry Nitrogen (N2) after air is evacuated to prevent condensation of water within the optics to help camera last very long in outdoor environments.

Nitrogen-pressurized rearview cameras
Monitor with SD Card

Optional Video Recording Feature

The system can connect and view simultaneously up to four wireless cameras and can even record video footage from each camera individually!

Footage records onto an SD card and loops over oldest recordings when the card gets full. (Max.128GB micro SD card).

Portable Battery Pack

This optional battery pack contains a Panasonic 10000mA rechargeable battery and it’s supported by a big magnet base to allow users to easily mount the box to anywhere they thought is convenient.

The battery pack is rugged with 6G shockproof and waterproof IP66. Work about 13 hours without stop.

Quick Charge 3.0 – Fast charging in just 3.5 hours!

battery pack
Side camera with monitor

Dedicated Wireless Side View Camera

Pair and connect a dedicated wireless camera to this wireless camera system. The side mounted camera we offer has a 120° viewable angle and Lens angle can be 60° adjusted vertically to quickly suit any installations, it is IP69K waterproof and has auto night vision.

The side camera is perfect for any long RV or trucks. You can mount it on the side facing front or back and see everything in crystal clear quality.


appply now!
rearview camera kits

Universal Fit Wireless Backup Camera System

Easiest wireless camera system to install, can be added to any vehicles. No longer need to run a cable between the monitor and camera, simply provide power to both and you are set.

The monitor supports 8-32V ultra wide input voltage, which means that this system is also great for box trucks and many commercial vehicles.

  • IP69K Wireless Camera

  • 7” Wireless Monitor

  • 12V Power Cable

  • Monitor U Bracket, Removable Sun Visor

  • Angle Adjustment Screw

  • Antenna*2

  • Users Manual

776H20532 specs


A great optional addition to this wireless monitor that needs a 12V power and ground using a plug. This heavy duty 12V cigarette light will work with any car. The longer cables allow you to find a comfortable spot when wiring.

Cigarette Lighter with Adapter

1. Can this wireless backup camera system set up on my car?
A wireless connection between the camera and monitor means that with this system, there is no need to run cabling through your vehicle. This is usually the most difficult part of rear view camera installation and cutting it out, cuts the install time in half! And yes, this digital wireless rear view camera system is perfect for Recreational Vehicle, truck, trailer, fifth wheel, motorhome and any other vehicles.

2. What is the wireless range?
It provides a wireless range approximately 492ft without barriers.

3. What does a digital wireless car backup camera system indicate?
The digital wireless signal specifies to its transmitter and receiver, that suggests it’s protected against interference.

4. Can I add a third cam to this system for additional views?
Yes, you can amount and pair up to 4 video cameras and each camera is sold seperately.

5. Does it have grid line(guide line)?
You can press the grid line button left wing of display to allow the line.

6. Can I run this wireless backup camera system constantly on my vehicle?
Yes, if you desire the camera to always be on, you can connect it to a consistent 12V/24V source of power such as accessory socket (cigarette lighter)that is on all the time, or if you just want it when you reverse you can connect it to the reverse taillights.

Do you have any questions or concerns?


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