When assisting your drivers to accomplish easier and safer reversing maneuvers, choosing the finest reversing camera for heavy duty trucks is very important. The rear blind spot is tough to manage and makes parking, towing and reversing both unsafe and challenging.

A reversing backup camera is the best option to attending to the issue, saving costs, vehicles downtime in the occasion of a mishap and most importantly, lives.

There’re many types of cameras for commercial trucks, but lots of functions are ignored by trucking companies prior to committing to fitting their whole fleet. In this post, we will talk you through what to look out for when thinking about setting up rear view camera systems.

With numerous wired/wireless cameras to select from, the most essential aspect to think about is the camera’s capability to work correctly every day without fault. This may seem obvious but there are many inferior products on today’s market that can not stand extreme climate conditions or mechanical shock and vibration that happen throughout a truck’s everyday journeys.

A broken car camera beats the purpose of installing one in the first place and implies you will have to go back to the drawing board.

Three aspects that can rapidly point you in the direction of a quality reversing camera are IP ratings, video quality and warranty periods.

Waterproof IP Ratings

The Ingress Defense rating (IP Ratings) of a rearview camera will offer an excellent sign of how well the camera will perform in severe environments such as dirt and moisture.

This system for measuring ingress protection was formed by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and can be found in standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989).

Ultimately, purchasing a camera that is extremely rated like IP69K will imply you have a waterproof and dust proof camera that will work no matter what you toss at it.

Warranty Periods

A long guarantee period is likewise an excellent indication that a product will last. If they were to happen, warranties act as a great measure of the amount of confidence a company will put in its own products and secure you from any faults.

Video Quality

While what’s going on behind your truck might not be as amusing as the latest HD movie, and while you might not require to construct out excessively fine detail, the whole point of a truck rear view camera is to guarantee that you can see what’s going on behind you. So you may also purchase a camera that has decent video quality.

The best backup cameras produce not just great details and resolution in broad daylight, however likewise come with infrared, night vision, color, and white and black choices, so you can pick what works best depending upon your situations.

Cameras with digital video signals tend to show much better and more dependably than those using analog signals, though your mileage may vary. You’ll likewise wish to try to find a backup camera that offers an ample field of view: ideally, more than 90 degrees of the space behind your bumper.

What type of vehicles benefits from a backup camera?

Construction & Quarries

In Construction and Quarrying, dust is rife and can be a major problem for rear view camera systems that do not have ingress defense. Apart from obstructing the lens, dust can play havoc with the internal wiring of a reversing camera.

The best reversing backup cams will guarantee your drivers can safely go about their job without needing to stress over a harmful rear blind spot.

Industry Fact: The 2nd most typical cause of fatal injuries in construction is being struck by a moving truck.


Reversing cameras are normally in prime position to be smattered with dirt and mud, avoiding the driver from seeing a clear image of where they are reversing.

A reversing camera is just the start of finest practice for vehicle safety, it is extremely advised other driving assistance items are utilized.

Agriculture Truck

Market Figure: Moving lorries account for 19% of all injuries in agriculture.

Waste Disposal and Recycling

Waste trucks frequently run in the early hours of the morning where temperature levels are coolest, leaving ice to form on the lens of the camera.

The in-built heating systems on reversing cams dissolve the ice, providing a clear picture for the driver to continue carrying out reversing maneuvers in safety.

Industry Figure: 32% of deadly injuries happened due to contact with moving equipment and 27% took place due to being struck by a moving vehicle.

Final Word

Don’t worry if your truck didn’t come with a backup camera already installed—today’s aftermarket backup cameras are affordable and easy to set up.

Still, when it comes to choosing one, consider the size of your vehicle, the quality of the camera, the way you’ll use your rear view camera, and the type of installation you’re willing to do.

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Article by: Eason 

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