A single accident at a surface mining site may be disastrous for employees, machines, and the entire operation. In this post. We’ll discuss how the latest 24GHz radar and camera vision system can help mining equipment operators minimize the risk of accidents and injury.

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Collision is one of the most serious safety risks in mining, whether it occurs between two pieces of machinery or between a worker and a vehicle.

Because of the equipment’s strength and immensity, even a minor mistake may result in fatal consequences. Although new technology is helping to lower the likelihood of mining deaths, collisions continue to endanger the safety of people on the job.

Moving Mining Equipment Collision Avoidance Challenges

Reduced visibility is a major factor in many mining accidents. Excavating equipment’s size and power offer little space for mistakes.

Blind spots on all sides of a vehicle can be fairly significant.

Mirror technology developed for regular commercial vehicles was simply applied to large trucks and loaders, with no regard for the special requirements imposed on mirrors by the size of these mining vehicles.

This picture appears in a presentation federal safety regulators have been showing at mining industry conferences to highlight the blind spot problem. (Mine Safety and Health Administration)

Furthermore, dust, mud, and debris generated during excavation can impair vision and have an influence on the functioning of many collision avoidance technologies. Weather factors such as wind, rain, and snow may provide considerable problems.

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It might be difficult to keep everyone safe on a mining site. Accidents and collisions are always a possibility. Unfortunately, the impact of the big machinery might inflict significant harm or even death in the event of a collision.

Not only is it critical to keep workers safe, but collision avoidance also has a direct influence on operating expenses.

mining truck
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXTGROWWshM&t=35s

Mining businesses can save money on medical expenditures and safeguard their equipment to minimize the need for maintenance or replacement. Implementing the appropriate mining safety methods leads to fewer near-misses, accidents, and other expensive incidents.

The Benefits of 24GHz Radar Sensors  

For nearly a decade, the 24GHz radar is usually used for high accuracy radar sensor system applications in different range classification(long, middle, short) because it can be easily implemented and the requirements for antenna power are lower in comparison with other radar sensor systems when the high accuracy of measurement is required.

The 24GHz radar sensor detects and assesses speed, angle, and distance data from objects up to 30 meters behind the vehicle.

The distance and relative speed of many objects may be monitored and estimated using just one signal (chirp) whose frequency varies over time when this approach is used.

The 24GHz radar runs in a frequency range of 24.05 to 24.25 GHz with an average transmission power of 13 dBm (EIRP). The obtained spatial resolution of 0.75 m is enough for the implemented rear-vehicle functionalities.

The Advantages of 24GHz Radar Sensors for Collision Avoidance

Radar sensors can be fitted at the front and back of each mining truck to help overcome these collision problems.

The sensors identify active objects in vehicle blind areas without the costly downtime and modifications required by a complicated collision avoidance system.

To prevent false alarms, each sensor may be set to establish a detecting region that corresponds to the vehicle’s blind spots and ignore things beyond of that area.

When an object enters the sensing area, indicator lights activate, alerting the operator to examine the blind spots and slow down or stop the machine to avoid a collision.

24GHz radar sensors are not affected by the harsh ambient circumstances that challenge other sensing technologies, such as ultrasonic sensors used in consumer automobiles.

This is due to the fact that 24GHz radar sensors are unaffected by dirt, dust, wind, rain, and other environmental difficulties at the location, allowing for consistent performance in all weather situations.

Radar Camera Combination – The Future of Collision Avoidance

Visibility is critical to preventing crashes and mine safety in general, because a miner who is aware of their surroundings is less likely to be engaged in a crash.

To help minimize these risks, visuals are important in a collision-avoidance system, because you can’t always have visuals on where everything is.

Combining the benefits of 24GHz radar and camera system in one device would allow drivers to assess the situation at a glance using the in-cab monitor, improving safety across whole operations.

The presence of automatic monitoring and alerts also enables additional visibility without distracting workers, which could compromise operations or put them in more dangerous situations.

Kocchi’s RadarCam® System

Final Words

As these new technologies are developed, it is hoped that frequent drawbacks, such as false alarms or accuracy difficulties owing to weather and environmental considerations, would be solved.

The industry objective is to keep all personnel on-site safe while simultaneously maintaining the company’s financial interests through collision prevention.

Integrating the correct technologies and techniques might prove to be a worthwhile investment for both above- and below-ground mining operations.

Kocchi’s builds the most rugged and high accuracy 24GHz radar camera system in the industry. Drivers are given an active warning with this active detection system to make their trucks and mining machines even safer.

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