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Model: KC-831

AHD 1080P Truck / Bus Side View Camera


This heavy duty HD Exterior side view camera is ideal for tight spots and side views such as on the underside of mirrors or on fenders.

The camera features heavy-duty cast metal housing with an IP69K rating, 150° viewable angle, and a full HD 1080P resolution display to assist with blindspot visibility.

  • 1080p full HD camera for side views

  • 1/2.8 Inch SONY CMOS

  • Built-in IR-CUT filter, image colors more realistic

  • Threaded collar connectors screw-lock to form a solid connection

  • Wide viewing angle at 150 degree

  • IP69K waterproof protection & Nitrogen-pressurized

  • Support mirror switching and ruler control functions

PET Expandable Sleeve / Power Video Cable

Power video cable for camera monitor systems to connect monitors and cameras, 4-pin female to 4 pin airline aviation male extension cable, 10 meters(15M/20M/30M), φ5

  • Internal power supply ground lines are 24 # single wire, the audio cable is 26 # Single wire

  • Internal video cable should be a single braid shield wire or RG-179-75 braid coaxial wire.

  • Colors of all cables should be subject to the drawing paper.

  • Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +80 ℃

  • Inner resistance of cable: positive/negative wire≤ 2 Ohm, audio≤3Ohm, video≤ 3 Ohm

Alternative models available:

Cab5 – 5-meter cable
Cab8 – 18-metre cable
Cab10 – 15-meter cable
Cab12 – 20-metre cable
Cab15 – 25-metre cable
Cab30 – 30-metre cable

Super Wide Angle Side View Camera 

Your KC-831 HD side view camera is the perfect choice for a large vehicle or bus to monitor side blind spots.

This camera provides superior coverage thanks to its massive 150° field of view.

See clearly what’s there at any time. Avoid taking chances while you drive. And it can often take the place of multiple standard viewing side cameras with just one KC-831 side camera.


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